Voting for Rhema Media board members 2019 is now open!

As a member you are a valued part of this mission and, importantly, you have a voice in determining who represents you on the Board. The Board in turn provides the governance for the organisation or, in other words, they ensure it stays true to its mission and vision.

It goes without saying that this is important stuff, making it all the more vital that you have your say with your vote.

Please login above to commence the voting process (you will need your Supporter Number and Password from the letter sent to you in late June for your login details).

NB Each member has a unique Supporter Number. Each Member can complete the voting process once. Any duplicate votes using the same Supporter Number will be invalid. The first completed vote for that Supporter Number will be counted, any additional will be excluded from the results. If there is any reason you feel you need to resubmit your vote contact us to advise via [email protected] or phone 0508 000 717.

Your voting is complete when you click submit at the end of the process. If you leave or logout at any stage prior to this you can login again and recommence the process.