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June, 2017

As a partner of Rhema Media, your support enables the message of hope to be broadcast right across New Zealand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year - and that message of hope is making a difference in so many people’s lives, just like Anthony, a Life FM listener:

‘I had strayed from God and I had to borrow my parents’ car for a while which meant I could only listen to the radio (it had no CD, AUX input, etc.). I tuned in to Life FM and realised after a while that it was positively impacting me. I felt safe listening to it. It didn’t have the same bad triggers that other radio stations had. On the other stations, you never knew what type of song was going to come on - a single song with bad themes could affect my attitude for the whole day. That didn’t happen with Life FM. I also got addicted to listening to the Morning crew - they never failed to make me laugh on my short 10-minute commute to work.’

Another way in which you are making a difference in people’s lives through Christian media was demonstrated on the 25th of May. If you were listening to either Rhema, Star or Life FM then you would have noticed it sounded a bit different. It was dedicated as a ‘Love for Lione’ day. Lione is a 6-year-old girl who has an inoperable brain tumour. On the 25th May we joined with listeners on air to pray for Lione and invited people to contact the station with prayer requests for others around the country who were also suffering from illness.

To be able to come together as a community across the country to share and pray for so many people’s needs is a very special and unique thing. It is a demonstration of how God uses Christian media to minister to people and draw them closer in relationship to him. Thank you for believing in and supporting this mission to connect everyone in New Zealand to Christ through media. A prayer day like this is only possible because of your continued partnership.

You are invited to consider another way in which you can make a difference and that is by becoming a Member of Rhema Media. As a non-profit incorporated society, members are needed to help govern the organisation. As a Member you can do this through nominating and voting for those on the elected board or by standing for the Board yourself. The Board holds the important role of looking after the overall direction of the organisation.

As a faithful partner of Rhema Media would you consider becoming a Member? If this is of interest to you look on the website: or phone 0508 000 717 for more information.

Thank you again for partnering with us in so many ways. Now, with the expanded radio networks and Shine being available in every home in New Zealand, many more people can tune in to Christian media. But some people still do not know about Shine, Rhema, Star, Life FM or The Word For Today.

Word of mouth and social media are great ways to let people know about your favourite Christian television channel or radio station. As you meet with your friends, family and people you know at work, school, church, playgroup or club remember to tell them about your Christian television channel or radio station and how to tune in.


God bless

Andrew Fraser

Chief Executive

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