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George Wieland: Psalm 72 - Good Leadership



What sort of people do we want in positions of power in our nation?

Psalm 72 in the Bible is a prayer for a ruler, a new king. But the qualities, actions and outcomes that are prayed for would characterise good leaders of any nation, including ours.

Such leaders are known for being just and right in their attitudes and actions. They genuinely care about those who are suffering and being mistreated in their society – “precious is their blood in [their] sight,” in the words of the psalm. Those who benefit from having such leaders in power are particularly the most vulnerable – poor, needy, oppressed. Those who have no one else to help them find that their rulers are looking out for them. There is protection and a way out of their distressing situation.

The outcomes of such governing include a flourishing both of the land and of its people who depend on what it produces; the peace and shared prosperity captured in the beautiful Hebrew word, shalom; and blessing not only for that one nation but for all nations.

Let that psalm guide our praying – and our voting – in this election.