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Lisa Woolley: Poverty & Housing



As New Zealand moves towards the elections, housing and poverty need to be top of the political agenda. These two issues are inextricably linked.  If people can live in safe, healthy and affordable housing, then we know that families will have money for food, education and health costs.  

Housing is a basic human right and needs to be a key pillar of our social system alongside health and education, ensuring that people in our communities thrive and have hope for a better future. 

We cannot continue to see families sleeping in cars and in overcrowded situations. As a parent, could you sleep at night knowing that you would be putting your child to sleep in the back of the car on an empty stomach? 

With more than 42,000 people in New Zealand in ‘severe housing depravation’ or homelessness, we know something must change. It is why we are asking the Government to have a comprehensive national housing strategy that addresses the whole housing system, ensuring that those in the greatest need have a healthy and affordable house to call home. 


There are many ways that believers can work to end homelessness in New Zealand. One key point is making sure we vote with intention around this issue.