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Peter Jelleyman: The Kingdom of God



When Jesus taught that the Kingdom-of-God was “like a mustard seed” he was describing potential abundance: life, growth, nourishment, and beauty.  This was for everyone to share in, especially on a national scale.

So, when stories of: privatisation, unfairness, violence, sickness, and death dominate our daily news, what conclusions should we draw?  We might conclude, for instance, that something has gone wrong with our country; that we are not experiencing together what God really intended. 

Irrespective of where you were born, the community's health where you live right now is most important.  A theologian named Jürgen Moltmann once urged his fellow citizens: politicians, trade- unionists, entrepreneurs, and consumers – all to “play [their] part in God’s kingdom.”   And his words challenged people's apparent failure to act, when they knew they really should.

Moltmann’s next statement, “let the re-birth of all things become visible....” raised the issue, that some aspects of God’s Kingdom progress quietly; are even hidden. 

This kingdom is, in a way, stealthy - goodness breaks in to the neighbourhood. 

Our big project is to live in that Kingdom now (not just in the future).  And that makes this a great time to be alive!