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Vic Francis: What I look for in a leader



Leadership is a key factor when we decide who gets our vote.

For me, leadership comes down to three key things – calling, competence and moral compass. A good leader – of a church or a country – needs all three.

I want a leader with a sense of call to the role, who is willing make the sacrifices necessary, to keep the big picture in mind and to lead for the people and not for themselves.

I want a leader who’s competent – who can inspire a team and indeed a nation, who has the skills to do the job.

And I want a leader with a moral compass – a person of integrity, compassion and heart.

Calling, competence and moral compass. I can follow a leader with those qualities.

And if I can find them in one of my electorate candidates or among any of the parties in the race, they’ll get my vote this election.