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Lyndon Drake: Economy


A couple of years ago, an English politician praised rioters in London. His desire for violence was partly in response to widespread discontent about economic injustice. But his language of violence reinforces the idea that in our economy, it's a war for limited resources.

I think the Bible offers us a better story. As the New York pastor Tim Keller often says, the Bible's story goes from a garden towards a great city. It's a story of growth, where one person flourishing doesn't have to mean another person losing.

Because I know how the story ends, I like policies that encourage economic growth and flourishing, as well as policies which fight injustice. For me, the more New Zealand's *economy* heads towards the hope at the end of the Bible's story, the more chances I have to help New Zealand's *people* find their own place in the story.


I want my Kiwi friends to catch a glimpse now of how amazing Jesus' rule will be: to point them not just to the end of injustice, but to the hope of greatness. And I want them to find the hope I have of being in that great city, the temple of God, with all God's people forever.