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Lyndon Drake: Poverty



When I tell you that my kids go to a decile 1 school, you know that child poverty isn't abstract to me: it's part of my community. But should poverty really be the measure of economic progress?

When I worked for a bank, I measured my work by more than just profits, but never less. As a student, I measured my studies by more than just grades, but never less.

I love what the Bible says about economic growth, about wealth, and economic structures. When God measures a nations progress, he cares about more than just poverty. But he never cares about less.

It's not just about money, God cares about the dignity of work, about structures of family and community life that keep people out of poverty, and about everyone including the poor following God's ways.

But Ohio governor John Kasich once said, "at the gates of heaven, you're going to be asked what you did for the poor: you better have a good answer."

I think my vote should be part of my own answer to God, and my vote should paint a picture of Jesus, who "though he was rich, for our sake became poor."  I'd love us paint that picture in society, and tell that story to our nation's people.