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Richard Waugh: Being Salt & Light



In the Sermon-on-the-Mount (Matthew 5), Jesus tells Christians to be salt of the earth and light to the world. In other words, Christians are to be involved in the community and its activities, including voting and politics, because God created the world, loves the world, and his son Jesus died for its redemption.

It’s never a good idea for Christians to hide away, or be over-and-against the world.

To help individuals to be salt and light; talk to your local body election candidates; go to a meeting and ask questions; compare what the candidates are offering, evaluate their personal background, values, and stance on key issues like family, marriage, economy, business, and housing.

For churches; how about organizing a ‘Meet-the-Candidates’ meeting in early September and well before election-day on the 23rd? A church facility is often very suitable for a public meeting with auditorium, car parking and foyer for refreshments. In my experience organizing many such candidate forums, the public are open and accepting of a prayer for the candidates, and our nation, and together singing the National Anthem.  

Talking of prayer, the newly established Auckland Prayer Breakfast is becoming a wonderful opportunity for Christians, and others, to gather and pray for our nation and be supportive and encouraging of our politicians. How about working to establish a prayer breakfast in your city or town?