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Roshan Allpress: Good Government



In the creation stories of many cultures, the world comes into being out of violent conflict. Chaos serpents are slain. The children of gods turn on their parents. In these stories, violence and chaos are basic to the human world, and we are left looking for rulers who can impose order on the opposing classes of society.

The Bible begins with a very different picture. God creates not through conflict, but rather orders the world through his speaking. Later Biblical writers tell us that God’s wisdom, not chaos, underlies all things.

Human government is to be a reflection of this picture. As God’s image-bearers, we live in a world in which disorder is the unnatural state. We are not naïve about the reality of conflict and human failing, but Governments are not to be the victory of part of society over the rest, but rather a guiding, ordering, voice for justice for all. Laws are not to be one group acting against others, but reflect the reality that humans made in the image of our creator can speak order into the world. Above all, we can be confident that for all the uncertainty of economic shocks, there remains a good creator who is still speaking order into the world.